Excuse My French {Bulldog}

Excuse My French {Bulldog}. Original Sam SmithExcuse My French {Bulldog}. Original Sam SmithExcuse My French {Bulldog}. Original Sam SmithExcuse My French {Bulldog}. Original Sam SmithExcuse My French {Bulldog}. Original Sam SmithExcuse My French {Bulldog}. Original Sam Smith

French Bulldog Graphic T-Shirt: Brickwood | Necklace: Sunkissed Jewelz sold at Brickwood

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a great week so far! I’ve been busy with class and cheer (per usual). I mentioned homecoming in this post and thought I’d fill you in on how it went haha! Thursday was our pep rally which was probably my favorite part! The sororities and frats did a lip sync which was so funny and we performed a routine with the dancers! Our routine went really well and our coaches were happy with it which is always good. Ya know the saying “happy wife, happy life?” When you’re an athlete it’s more like “happy coach, happy life” hahaha!;) Friday night not much was going on on campus so some of my friends and I went exploring in a town really close to St. Charles called New Town. It is one of the cutest places ever and I want to go back during the day and walk around. Saturday was the parade and the game which my family came up for so I was so happy to see them! It had been so long since I had seen my sister and I missed her a lot. That night we all went out to eat with my friend Ashlynn and after my family left Ashlynn and I went to the mall (typical)! And Sunday I finished the weekend off with a trip to the pumpkin patch!

Now for the outfit! I LOVE this t-shirt from Brickwood. It is so soft and so cute. Plus you just can’t go wrong with a cute graphic t-shirt. I styled the graphic with a pair of jeans, Converse, a flannel, and a pom pom choker from Sunkissed Jewelz (also sold at Brickwood)!

Talk to ya soon! Xoxo, Sam

**Photography: Emma Staley, like her Facebook page EGS Photography

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  1. I think your mom misses you more!! She always looks forward to her visit. Sounds like you’re having a great experience in college. Enjoy your posts.

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