Workin’ It with Mod

Workin' It with Mod Workin' It with Mod

Workin' It with Mod   Workin' It with Mod

Workin' It with Mod Workin' It with Mod


Workin' It with Mod


Workin' It with Mod


Workin' It with Mod

Workin' It with Mod Workin' It with Mod

Romper, Hat, Purse, Sunglasses, Jewelry: Mod | Shoes: Red Dress Boutique

Hi friends! I can’t believe how long its been since we’ve chatted last. Life has been pretty crazy lately. Last time I made a post, winter break had just started and family time and the holidays really distracted me. I did’t realize how much I missed being at home until I was back… No school, no practice, no responsibilities. It was like a mini vacation.

On January 5th, things picked right back up. I literally drove straight from my house to our cheer practice facility before I could even go to the dorm for the kick off of NATIONALS SEASON!! We got straight to work… I thought all star cheer was hard but its got nothing on college cheer. Fast forward to this past weekend we had our first performance to practice getting in front of a crowd, we hit our routine (for non cheer people that means we had no falls) and it was the highlight of my college cheer career (all 6 months of it). It was so exciting to see the hard work pay off and is really inspiring to get ready for nationals.

This semester I got to move in with my best friend Gabi! Since then, dorm life has gotten way better. Every Tuesday after cheer we watch The Bachelor together, we go on Starbuck’s runs, we get sushi, and we literally stay up until 2 in the morning talking. I know people say living with your best friend isn’t always a good idea but it is working for us. Its like having a sleepover every single night. Classes this semester are definitely harder than last. I am not getting to take as many business classes so I can knock out my gen-eds and I am ready to be done with them.

I recently got a job this semester at another boutique, Mod! I’m only about three weeks in but so far it has been awesome. They really had big shoes to fill because my last job at Philanthropy was probably the best job in the world, but Mod girls are pretty awesome and I think I’m going to like it here! It has been a great way to make new friends that aren’t cheerleaders and to finally get to dress up in cute clothes (I may have a fashion blog but I wear leggings and no makeup to class every single day). I am so excited to be working with Mod not only in the store but also on the blog! Everything I am wearing (except the shoes) is all from Mod.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Mod, they are a small business that started in Edwardsville IL and have grown to four locations (Edwardsville, St. Charles, Kirkwood, and O’Fallon). Almost everything in the store is under $75 so they are super affordable and they are always running sales! Be sure and follow them on Instagram and like their Facebook so you can be in the loop. The family also owns Marta’s Boutique which is a little higher end and another trendy option. And, if you stop into the St. Charles location you may see me every once in a while, I’d love to help you pick out an outfit!:)

In my break from posting, I have been brainstorming some exciting stuff for! The first thing is, I am working with Sarah Christine Photography while I am here in St. Charles. She is super talented and I can’t wait to see what we do together. But, don’t think I have forgotten about my homegirl Emma because I’m sure she will be back with me as soon as I’m home for a break. And if you didn’t know, SHE STARTED A BLOG TOO! Be sure and check her out here, I am so proud of her and miss her so much. I am in the process of designing a newsletter so I can share exclusive content, my favorite sales, and get to know you better so be on the lookout! I made a new blogger friend, Molly Brianne! She just launched her blog last Friday and it looks fabulous! Be sure and check her out and be on the lookout for a collab coming soon. I love having such talented friends!

If you’ve made it this far, thanks girl! I am so excited to be back and I can’t wait to tell you more about college and my life here! Please reach out to me in the comments, on social media, or the contact page and let me know what you’d like to see! I post a lot of my college cheer and adventure pictures on Instagram so make sure you’re following me if you want to see those!

Have a great day and I will talk to ya soon, pinky promise!

Xoxo, Sam

**Photography is by Sarah Christine Photography, be sure and like her page and contact her for all things photography!

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