Friday Favorites

1. Jumpsuit | 2. Luggage (on clearance) | 3. Benefit Mascara

4. Boyfriend Shorts (under $60) | 5. Metallic Flatforms | 6. One Piece Swimsuit

Hi guys! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite summer items! Once I start looking for new summer stuff I feel like its a trap and I get sucked into thinking I NEED everything! Summer styles this year are just so cute.

Jumpsuits: I am literally obsessed with wearing jumpsuits and rompers. They are so easy and can be thrown over anything. I love this one from Tobi and this one from Asos (under $60).

Luggage: Right before I went to Daytona I got a brand new Steve Madden suitcase and once you get nice luggage there is no going back. Plus I am digging the fun prints that they come in.

Makeup: I am not one to wear a lot of makeup (clearly) but I do like to throw on mascara every once in a while. I’ve tried Too Faced, Covergirl, Tarte, and so far this Benefit Mascara is by far the best. The applicator is super nice and it doesn’t clump. I love it.

Boyfriend shorts: I love these because they are so cute and so flattering, plus they are a more modest option of shorts without looking boring.

Metallic flatforms: Metallic shoes are on of my favorite trends and I’ve been wearing platforms for a couple years so I am pumped that the two combined are finally in style!

One piece swimsuits: I am so glad that these are in style and they are making so many trendy options that still look young and modern.


Xoxo, Sam

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