When In Ibiza

After spending a couple days in Barcelona, we hopped on a short flight to Ibiza. Fun fact: as Americans we pronounce Ibiza, IbiZa. Traci had heard the Europeans call it, IbeeFa. None of us had heard it like that so we were making fun of her until we got there, and they ACTUALLY say it like that and would laugh at us for saying the Z. So sorry Traci, you were right!;)

Ibiza is a beautiful island packed with beaches and nightlife and we only had about 36 hours there, so we tried to cram as much as we could in. As soon as our flight landed, we took a cab to our hotel. We stayed at Ryan’s Ibiza apartments, which had a pool, bar, and overlooked the beach. We immediately changed into our swimsuits, and went to layout by the pool. Being the resourceful (and poor) college students that we are, we decided to buy a couple bottles of rum and tequila at the airport so we only had to buy mixers at the hotel. What started as a joke, turned into a pretty dang good idea, as mixed drinks are so expensive. So from here on out, we will be buying bottles in the airport, ha.

After laying out, we went up to our hotel room to relax and fuel up for a night out. As we were just about to take a nap, some Irish boys on the balcony invited us to come hangout with them. After hanging out for a while, we all decided to go out together. Most of the clubs in Ibiza were either closed for season, or charged a cover that required selling organs to fund. Luckily, these boys were also balling on a budget so they showed us a place that had free cover, Murphy’s. It was so much fun dancing. As usual the whole time I just kept thinking how lucky am I to be out partying in Ibiza? Another bucket list item, check.

The next day we spent most of it exploring the island. Usually my role of the group is planner/navigator (which I love doing). I thought I was taking us to a cute little seaside area with houses on the shore to take some photos. As we rounded the corner and descended down a legit cliff, we realized we were at a nude beach. Based on experience, the people laying out there are probably not ones you’d want to see nude. The girls kept joking I did it on purpose, but I am telling you, it was an ACCIDENT. We didn’t stay there for long and took a cab across the island to Cala Salada. I really wanted to cliff dive and this place had good reviews. The beach here was a beautiful, sandy one with a few areas to jump. We ate at a seaside restaurant and then swam out to jump off. It wasn’t quite as big as my adventurous mind was hoping for, but it was still so fun and an experience I’m so thankful for. We then spent the evening napping on the beach until the sun went down and had the most perfect view of the sunset.

We had to catch a flight at midnight, so after the sunset we went back to our hotel. Even though we had to checkout at 10am, they had an area to store our bags and shower which was SO convenient. And then we walked over to a little sushi restaurant for dinner.

Getting to my 9am class the next day was a struggle, but I did it. Spain, I can’t wait to come back!

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