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I’ve been in London and other parts of Europe for a little over a month now and it is safe to say I LOVE LONDON! If I could move here, I would in a heartbeat. I love the hustle and bustle of the city, the architecture, the fact that something is going on always, the people, the convenience of public transport… I mean seriously I don’t think I could ever be bored here.

And I think the people are incredibly kind… Or they just love my American accent, but who cares? Accent or not, one day I don’t want to be a tourist anymore, I want to be a for real Londoner. Although… I still have a lot of touristy things to check off the list so I might not be able to change my label for a bit. I posted a London Bucket List a while back, and it keeps growing. These past couple weeks in between travel we have tried to check a few things off.

A couple weeks ago, we saw Wicked the musical. Concert, sporting event, theatre–I’m always down for some live entertainment and this one did not disappoint. The theatre was beautiful and the show was spectacular.

We also frequent a small pub in Camden Town, the Elephant’s Head. I don’t know what I expected London nightlife to be, but the amount of old rock and roll to be played at bars here wasn’t it. It always reminds me of home though. One night we made some friends with two deaf guys and they taught us some sign language and how they communicate which was so cool. One of the best parts of traveling is the amount of diversity I have been exposed to that I wouldn’t usually be. We’ve also been there for open mic night and Lea and Sophie brought it down, ha.

We also have tried a couple cafes close to our school. Ez and Moss and Miki’s Paradise have been two of my favorites.

Our school offered a horseback riding lesson for study abroad students so we had the opportunity to go to an equestrian center outside the city and ride. My grandpa lives on a farm and my mom grew up riding horses, so I was so excited to get the chance to ride here.

We did a Mad Hatter Gin and Tea Party (without the tea). This was an absolute BLAST. We got to choose extravagant hats and literally go “down a rabbit hole” into Wonderland. The staff put on an entertaining show and we were served several drinks that we got to help mix, it was sooooo fun.

We also went to the Jonathan Van Ness “Road to Beijing” tour. To all the Queer Eye fans out there, you already know he was HILARIOUS. And he did one of his gymnastics routines, fabulous. We love a queen!!

Hopefully in the coming weeks I can check a lot more off the list, but we’re off to a good start! I think I write it in every post, but I am seriously so thankful for this opportunity. Anyone that is reading this and considering studying abroad, I so encourage you to do it. This is easily one of the coolest things I’ve done!

I am working on a series of London posts for the end of the semester of my favorite things broken up by area. If you have any questions about living in London, study abroad, etc please leave them in the comments or dm me. Also, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the comments, shares, and love back home. My mom is always telling me people come talk to her about my trip and are so excited for me and it means so much. I picked the blog back up more for myself to have a journal to look back on the experience, but I am so glad so many of you are enjoying following! Xoxo

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  1. Enjoying your activities so much and love hearing all the comments regarding it all. My son also enjoyed a semester in London when he was in college. Your Mom Was a good friend of his throughout school

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