A France-y Toruist in a France-y City: Paris City Guide Part 2

The second day in Paris we tried to hit all the big touristy things (part 1 here). We started at the Sacer Coer. This is a stunning church on the top of a hill with breathtaking views of Paris. There were so many stairs, and every few minutes I would turn around to look at the city and it was more incredible with each step. The architecture inside of the church was also amazing.

After the church, we took a pit stop for some macaroons and than headed to the Arc De Triomphe. We went to the top to soak up the views, ten euros with a student ID. We were able to see the Eiffel Tower from this angle, and each time I saw it I was equally impressed. Traci and I decided to do handstands on the top. Seconds after kicking up I was scolded by a security guard, lesson learned.

To finish our touristy day, we headed to the Lourve. With a student id, its free to get in. This was by far the most impressive art museum I have ever been to, and is home to the most famous, Mona Lisa and the Venus De Milo. We went later in the day, but if we had went earlier and weren’t as tired we agreed we could’ve spent hours there, it is HUGE. You enter in through the famous glass pyramid, and the buildings themselves were literally art.



We finished the day with possibly my favorite meal EVER tied only with an Argentinian restaurant in Paducah, Kentucky of all places (shoutout to the Reach’s I still think about that meal). Les Refuge Des Fondue is a little hole in the wall in Paris that literally only has two rows of tables and you have to climb over them to sit down. They serve wine in baby bottles because people kept spilling, they have the best cheese fondue, and meat to cook in oil. It was DELICIOUS and if were up to me I would’ve eaten there for every other meal. We tried to go the night before but they were so busy we had to make reservations but it was totally worth it. Plus it was only 25 euros total for an appetizer, the fondue, meat, and two glasses of wine.

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