(Den)marks the Spot: Copenhagen Recap

One of my last weekends abroad, my sister came to visit and we traveled to Copenhagen and Brussels. Copenhagen was our first stop and it was a city I had low expectations for, but easily became one of my favorites. Ironically most of the countries that weren’t high on my list, I ended up enjoying as much or more than the ones I was super eager for. Plus, it was extra special sharing this experience with Amanda, and having Lea there to join us. We only had about 36 hours here and we heard it was a more expensive city, so we were hoping to pack a lot in, but ball on a budget… yes, the funds at the end of the trip were wearing THIN.

Upon arrival, we headed to our hostel to drop our things off and then we went and got hotdogs at a street stand, apparently Copenhagen is famous for hotdogs so we had to find out for ourselves. For those wondering, they are pretty good but probably not as good as a classic ballpark style one in the States, ha.

After our quick (and cheap) meal, we headed to Freetown Christiania. This community was a former military base that now houses over 900 people in a community free of Danish rules and regulations, the people instead govern themselves. There are lots of little cafes, shops, a skate park, street art, and the famous Green Light District.

After Freetown Christiania, we went to the iconic Nyhaven waterfront canal with all the colorful houses. Here we took a few Instagram photos (typical) and then we wandered around the Christmas market along the water.


That night we had dinner at the Tivoli Food Hall (so delicious) before going to the Tivoli Amusement Park. I’m a sucker for a roller coaster, and this amusement park inspired Disney Land and was one of my favorite things I did abroad. They had several entrance options and originally we were just going to walk around and not pay the extra for all the rides. Although there were so many beautiful lights and architecture to look at, we quickly began asking ourselves who the heck goes to an amusement park and doesn’t ride the rides? So we bought the wristbands and made it a legit mission to ride every ride in the place in about two hours so we could get get the full experience, and mainly get our money’s worth. Luckily it wasn’t crowded at all so we pretty much just walked straight on every ride. This place was so cute, and for as old as the park was the rides were surprisingly awesome. Swinging around the top and getting a bird’s eye view of the city at night was another one of those memories I will never forget.

After the amusement park, we went back to our hostel, changed into our pajamas, and naturally went down to the bar… we’ve clearly got a reputation for keeping things classy. A few tequila shots in, I took center stage on the dance floor in my striped pj bottoms to show the Europeans what Wagon Wheel is all about, ha.

The next morning we had brunch at Cafe Flottenhiemer. This was a Pinterest find, and possibly the best brunch of my life. Bold statement, but true. They have a little sampler platter with lots of different brunch items and it was DELICIOUS.

After that we didn’t really have a plan, so we were walking around and stumbled across a spa that have the fish pedicures. After seeing them on tv and hearing about celebrities doing it, we all decided we had to try it. Plus it was on sale for Black Friday (who needs to fight someone for a tv when you can have fish eat your dead skin?) and we only spent about $12 each. This is gross, but after the amount of walking we did in Europe those fish had a freaking feast… and honestly, my feet haven’t felt softer. It tickles at first but once you get used to it it’s pretty relaxing and I actually noticed a huge difference.

After our fish pedicure, we headed to the airport and had sushi from a conveyor belt (it reminded us of the Drake & Josh episode) and waited for our flight to Brussels!

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